Circle C Properties

Property Management Services

Since 1991, Circle C has helped our clients achieve their investment goals with peace of mind by offering quality, professional residential property management at some of the best rates in the industry and no initial charges due to Circle C until the property is leased in most cases.

The mission of our residential property management department is to maintain or increase the value of our client's assets while providing quality housing for our tenants. We achieve this by offering quality properties, accurate pricing to lease for the maximum rental rate in the shortest amount of time, effective marketing, quality and timely maintenance, accurate accounting services and responsive communication.

We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. Please call (972) 867-9727 ext. 108 or contact us via email.

General Rates

  • 75% of 1st. month's rent marketing fee
  • $15 per month advertising charge while vacant
  • 9% per month management fee, some cases vary
  • $100 administrative fee for lease renewal
  • Discounted sale listing service for management clients
  • Call or email us for full details


  • Establish optimum rent based on analysis of current market conditions
  • Adjust to reflect anticipated market trends
  • Market Property through traditional and internet advertising
    1. Traditional Yard signs
    2. Multiple Listing Service / Realtor Network
    3. 40+ Websites
  • Qualify potential tenants through thorough screening of credit, employment, residential and criminal histories
  • Represent owners in lease contracts
  • Manage Tenant relations
  • Maintain integrity of premises
  • Home Inspections at midway point and renewal of leases
  • Routine drive by inspections
  • Coordinate required repairs with contractors and tenants
  • Collect and pay invoices from contractors with no added charge
  • Collect all rents and tenant fees
  • Proactive monthly rent collection
  • Appropriate notices and communications sent for late payments
  • Representation at eviction court when necessary
  • Pay all invoices and prepare disbursements
  • Prepare monthly financial reports with copies of all invoices to owner
  • Send monthly reports and funds electronically
  • Prepare annual revenue and expense report for tax filings

Circle C Properties
2828 W. Parker Rd., Suite 104, Plano, TX 75075
Office: (972) 867-9727
Toll Free: (855) 895-8882
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